Benefits & Services

We work with your health care providers and doctors to make sure you get the right care. If you have Medicare, you will continue to have the same benefits and services as you do today. There are no changes to your coverage. You do not need to have Medicare services approved by Aetna Better Health of Florida. We will work with your Medicare providers and will pay the co-payments and deductibles for any services covered by the plan. Always take full advantage of the benefits and services offered through Medicare first. Call your case manager for details on listed services and other. A full list of benefits and services can be found in your handbook.

Helps you make meals, do laundry, shop and light housekeeping

Behavioral care that helps mental health or substance abuse

A personal case manager to help you get community services, maintain Medicaid eligibility, and help with the care system

This includes durable medical equipment and supplies. Your Case Manager will work with your provider to arrange for home delivery and pick up and for equipment maintenance and repair of equipment.

If you have any medical equipment or devices, please let us know when you join the plan. We will coordinate with your current DME vendor if the equipment is rented. They must be authorized by your Case Manager.

Review all your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications with a licensed nurse or pharmacist. The nurse or pharmacist works with your doctor to do this

PERS is an electronic device connected to the phone that a member can activate if he or she is alone and there is an emergency

OTC benefit is a monthly $25 benefit that can be used for healthcare related items.

Coverage for semi-annual preventive cleaning, X-rays every 2 years and annual dental exam.

Annual eye exam plus one of the following: one set of eyeglasses per year; or one set of hard contacts lenses per year; or one annual supply of soft contact lenses per year.

Hearing Exams, Hearing Aids, and Hearing Aid Batteries – benefits include hearing exams and, if medically necessary, hearing aids. You may access services directly through an audiologist in our network without contacting the plan. However, plan authorization may be required for some services.