Provider Directory

To find a provider in our network

  • You can search for a provider with our provider search tool.
  • You can download the print version of your Aetna Better Health of Florida Provider Directory below.

The Provider Directory includes information such as the provider’s name, address, phone number, professional qualifications, and board certification status. Additional information including the medical school attended and residency completed can be found in our provider search function or

Medicaid Region 6
Medicaid Region 7
Medicaid Region 11

Comprehensive Long Term Care Region 6
Comprehensive Long Term Care Region 7
Comprehensive Long Term Care Region 11

Florida Healthy Kids Region 1, 2, 3
Florida Healthy Kids Region 4 & 5
Florida Healthy Kids Region 6 & 7
Florida Healthy Kids Region 8 & 9
Florida Healthy Kids Region 10

Florida Healthy Kids Region 11

  • Or you can call Member Services for help finding a provider.

Medicaid Member Services at 1-800-441-5501
Comprehensive Long Term Care Member Services at 1-844-645-7371
Florida Healthy Kids Member Services at 1-844-528-5815