Healthy Behaviors Programs

Take charge of your health. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Start an exercise routine. You have health and wellness goals. We have a lot of resources.

Our tools and programs will help you feel better and reach your health care goals. Get healthy recipes, download a workout diary and prepare for your next doctor’s visit.

If you can’t find what you need call us at. We’ll help you find it.

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Our Programs

We offer programs to help keep you healthy and to help you live a healthier life (like losing weight or quitting smoking). We call these healthy behavior programs. You can earn rewards while participating in these programs. Here are the programs we offer.

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Seeing your doctor during your pregnancy and after giving birth are important for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby.

You can use your health plan benefits to get help to quit smoking. Working with your case manager and many resources in the community, including nicotine replacement therapy, you will be supported while working toward your goal of being tobacco free.

Members who are overweight can receive help with meeting their weight loss goals and become healthier. Our weight management program provides you with support and help from a case manager and nutritional counselor.

If you have a problem with substance use (alcohol or drugs), your health plan is here for you. With the help of your physician, case manager, and behavioral health therapist you will have the support that you need to become and stay sober.