Care and Disease Management

Our special programs help you deal with your chronic diseases or high risk factors. Our case managers will give you resources to help. You will also get one on one health coaching and special care. You and your child’s health are very important to us. 

Disease Management
We want to help you be as healthy as you can. Aetna Better Health of Florida has disease management programs for members with conditions such as asthma, cancer, COPD, dementia, diabetes, and end of life issues. These programs give educational support and are set up by you and your doctor with the help of a case manager.

Integrated Care Management
Members, who have a difficult or serious health problem, may join our Integrated Care Management program. You will work with nurses or social workers who are trained in case management. They help you and your doctors with your needs. They also help you find community programs. Call Member Services at 1-800-441-5501 (TTY 711) and ask to speak with a Case Manager.

Our Integrated Care Management and Disease Management Programs are to help you manage lasting illnesses and diseases. You and your doctor will work with a Case Manager. We mail you materials to help you manage your condition. These services are set up by you and your doctor.

How can a member enroll in the program?
If you have a long term condition we will sign you up for our Disease Management program. This could be a lasting illness like asthma or diabetes. You can choose to stay on the program or close the case whenever you want. Call us at 1-800-441-5501 (TTY 711).

You will have your own Case Manager to help coordinate the services you need. Your Case Manager will work with your providers to put a plan together for your needs.

The first step is to see your doctor at least once a year. Work with your doctor. You both can choose which tests or shots are right for you.  See your doctor. You can better protect yourself against disease. If you need help picking a doctor, call Member Services at 1-844-645-7371 (TTY 711). 

Our Integrated Care Management program helps with conditions such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, and palliative care needs. Healthy Kids members with these conditions are given to a case manager. They’ll help you understand your child’s health problems and coordinate care with his/her doctors. A case manager will work with you and your doctor to help your child get the care they need. They work with the entire Aetna Better Health team to support your child’s care. For more information about the Care Management services, call Member Services at 1-844-528-5815 (Relay 711) Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern.