Important updated provider information

We want to help keep you informed about the health plan and other news that's useful to you. Please check back periodically for important notices and updates to the Aetna Better Health of Louisiana plan.

BH SE Modifier Rescind Notification 09182019

NDBH 60th Annual Conference Press Release 2019

Updated Pediatric Day Health Care Prior Authorization Checklist

ABHLA Urgent Care Flyer

BH SE Modifier Denials Notification 08022019 - Updated

CLIA Rejection Notification 08082019

Updated Hospital Provider Rates effective 07.01.2019

Network Notification Duplicate Remits 07.29.19

Multi Specialty Same Day Notification 07162019

Peer Support Specialist (PSS) Training Letter

Peer Support Specialists (PSS) Application

Member Assignment and Attribution Policy

Member Attribution Notification 07162019

MCNA LA Pain Medications Flyer

MCNA LA Vaccines Flyer

MCNA LA Measles Flyer

Hep C provider notice

Provider Bulletin - June Edition

BH Billing Notification 06042019

BH SE Modifier Denials Notification 05312019

Provider Bulletin

SCA Network Notification

DME MP Rebase Letter Updated

TAP Training for Physicians

SBIRT Provider Flyer

MAT Training for Physicians

Member Assignment & Attribution Policy 2019

DME Date Span Billing Clarification

Credentialing Documentation Request EBP Claims

ImCal Request for Letter of Interest 2019

Admission Criteria by ASAM Level

New Requirements for ASAM Level Triage Assessment

Electric Breast Pump Request Form

DME MP Rebase Letter

HCPCS Fee Schedule

Tracking Evidence-Based Practices

Flu Vaccinations Coverage 2018-2019

Update and Clarification – 2019 ABA CPT Codes

Act 582 BHS PM Update Blast 1-11-19

Newly Posted Sterilization Form Blast 1-11-19

ACT 582 18-14 11-15-18

Revised Provider Notification for Draft Policies 09.27.2018

Act 582 Legislation Summary 9-12-18

EM Up Coding and Down Coding 9-5-18

Member Choice Fax Blast

Pay For Quality - Aetna Better Health of Louisiana April 2018

Implementation of Member Choice Form. 4/24/18

Healthy Louisiana Mental Health Rehabilitation Member Choice Form. 4/24/18

Please submit all delivery claims. 4/16/18

LDH BH Provider Manual and SBHS Requirements 4/16/18

Policy Statements 2/9/18

Provider Policy Updates 1/1/18

Q1 2016 Fax blast

Q2 2016 Fax blast

Q3 2016 Fax blast

Q1 2017 Fax blast

11/20/17 Cotiviti Overpayment Letter

01/10/17 Clinical Documentation 
01/10/17 ABHLA Claims Reconsideration Form
01/10/17 LOCUS Training Q1 2017
12/19/16 Clinical Documentation
11/28/16 Provider Appeals Complaints
11/28/16 PA Retro Eligible
11/28/16 Retro Utilization Review
11/28/16  Credentialing Changes
11/28/16  HPA 16-32
11/28/16  CLAS Standard
11/28/16  Newborn Billing Guidelines 
09/22/16  ABHLA Emergency Acute Flaccid Notice
09/07/16  ABHLA Provider Newsletter Q2 2016
08/22/16  Provider notice TPL effective 20160901
08/19/16  Louisiana state of emergency fax blast
08/18/16  LDH flood DME fax blast
08/17/16  LDH flood call fax blast
07/01/16  PDHC Fax Blast
07/15/16  MCG BH Fax Blast
07/15/16  Notification of Pregnancy Fax Blast
07/15/16  Provider Referrals to CM Fax Blast
05/26/16  CareWebQI prior authorization issues
05/25/16  Instructions for processing voided NEAT claims
05/25/16  Provider quick guide New
05/24/16  HEDIS PCP tips, HEDIS pediatrician tips
05/24/16  Room and board
05/17/16  BiliTool
03/31/16  DHH rescinded bulletin 16-2: claims processing edits for provider taxonomy
03/31/16  ABHLA provider newsletter Q1 2016
03/11/16  Hospice code changes
02/20/16  Changes to ADHD drug prior authorization
02/17/16  Taxonomy needed for claims
01/08/16  New inpatient notification FAX number
12/11/15  New provider relations liason
12/11/15  Behavioral health provider training
11/02/15  Limitations on drug screening claim
11/24/15  LA website formulary tool not working
10/29/15  Genetic testing requires prior authorization
08/05/15  Hepatitis C pharmacy prior authorization
08/06/15  Authorization for standard deliveries



Adverse incident reporting form
Adverse incident reporting form instructions


HPA 19-13 EPSDT PCS Rate Change

HPA 19-12 Changes to DME, Home Health, Rehabilitation and Personal Care Services and Pharmacy Due to Tropical Storm Barry (Revised July 13, 2019)

HPA 19-10 Revised 7.19.19

HPA 19-9 CLIA Number Information (Revised July 1, 2019)

HPA 19-7 ABHLA Methodology

HPA 19-7 Behavioral Health Alternate Payment Methodology in FQHCs and RHCs

HPA 19-5 Member Reassignment Policy Core Elements

HPA 19-4 Breast Pump Coverage - Attestation and Equipment Requirements

The Aetna Better Health of Louisiana system was updated to reflect the updated HCPC changes 03/15/2019.  Any new claims received will be paid against the updated fee schedule rate.  All impacted claims began to be reprocessed on 3/18/19.  Claims are expected to be recycled no later than 15 days preceding the update.  If you have any questions regarding your claims or the system update please contact your provider relations representative.