Provider marketing

What we can or cannot do

Similar to reaching out to our community partners, Aetna Better Health of Louisiana will actively reach out to our providers. Our members rely on our providers to help them achieve their health goals. We prefer to work together with our providers, and good communication is the key to this successful partnership.

  • When conducting any form of marketing in a provider’s office, we will acquire and keep on file the written consent of the provider.
  • We cannot require our providers to distribute our communications to their patients.
  • We cannot provide incentives or giveaways to providers to distribute them to our members or potential members.
  • We cannot conduct member education or distribute member education materials in our provider offices.
  • We cannot allow our providers to solicit enrollment or disenrollment in our health plan, or distribute our materials at a marketing activity.
  • We cannot provide printed materials to our providers with instructions detailing how to change health plans for members of other MCOs.
  • We are required to instruct our providers that if they wish to let their patients know of their affiliations with our health plan, they must list each MCO with whom they have contracts.
  • We are required to instruct our providers that they may display and/or distribute health education materials for all contracted MCOs or they may choose not to display and/or distribute for any contracted MCOs. Health education materials must adhere to the following guidelines: 
    -   Health education posters cannot be larger than 16” X 24”
    -   Children’s books donated by MCOs, must be in common areas
    -   Materials may include the MCO’s name, logo, phone number and website

What providers can or cannot do

  • Providers are not required to distribute and/or display all health education materials provided by each MCO with whom they contract. Providers can choose which items to display as long as they distribute items from each contracted MCO and that the distribution and quantity of items displayed are equitable.
  • Providers may display marketing materials for MCOs provided that appropriate notice is conspicuously and equitably posted, in both size of material and type set, for all MCOs with whom the provider has a contract.