Provider services

Our Provider Services Department serves as a liaison between the health plan and the provider community.  Our Provider Services Representatives are available by phone at 1-855-242-0802 or email to support all providers. Some of the everyday actions we take to help you include:

  • Keeping track of member updates
  • Locating forms
  • Reviewing member information
  • Checking member eligibility
  • Finding a participating provider or specialist
  • Submitting a prior authorization
  • Reviewing or searching the Preferred Drug List
  • Notifying the plan of a provider termination
  • Notifying the plan of changes to your practice
  • Advising a Tax ID or National Provider Identification (NPI) number  change
  • Obtaining a secure web portal or member care Login ID
  • Reviewing claims or remittance advice

Our Provider Services Department supports multiple functions in network development and contracting. This includes evaluation of the provider network, and compliance with regulatory network capacity standards. Our staff is responsible for the creation and development of provider communication materials, including the provider manual, periodic provider newsletters, bulletins, fax/email blasts, website notices, and the provider orientation kit. 

Map of Louisiana coverage area

Aetna Better Health of Louisiana Program Service Area